Upon receiving a patient's sample, it is immediately run through our confirmation test panel. This test panel places the drug compounds into groups. When the sample tests out of that group, it is considered a negative for all of the compounds within that group. If a sample flags as positive for a group, more testing is done to verify and determine which compound received the positive detection.

For our patients that are experiencing chronic pain, going to a pain clinic in efforts to find some sort of relief requires a few steps between diagnoses and treatment. One of these steps includes a toxicology panel. At Lab Solutions we offer the latest in presumptive testing..

Why do I need this testing?

The death rate from prescription drug overdose has more than tripled over the last decade. More people report misusing controlled prescription drugs than cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine combined. Drug-drug Interactions account for almost 4% of all emergency room visits and cost the U.S. healthcare system $136 billion annually.


Our Toxicology testing options are customizable to allow physicians to individualize their orders according to patient needs.


Why Test?

- To protect physicians' patients and their practices.
- Poor medication adherence takes the lives of over 125,000 Americans and costs the healthcare industry nearly $300 billion annually
- It is the standard of care for patients receiving scheduled medications in their course of treatment.
- To satisfy legal and regulatory requirements.