Reflex Testing

For patient samples that screen presumptively positive for amphetamines, our lab performs a secondary confirmation test by LC/MSMS methodology to determine if the positive result is due to the presence of amphetamine and/or methamphetamine. If there is a positive confirmation result for methamphetamine, the original specimen is then extracted for D & L isomer analysis.


There are two forms or "Isomers" of methamphetamine, aka D & L. The D-isomer is present only in a very few prescription required stimulants and appetite suppressants. Unfortunately, it's prevalence in today's society is most commonly the result of "Illicit" or illegal street usage.

The L-isomer is the active ingredient in non-prescription required OTC Vick's inhaler as well as a metabolite of other prescription medications.

Lab Solutions unique D & L isomer confirmation procedure will verify which form is in the sample allowing the physician to determine the best course of action for their patient's long term well being.